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10 quotes for Chartered Accountants and Aspirants

Today, is the result day for CA Final year students. Some would pass, many would not. I would congratulate the ones who would be the professional members of this respected fraternity.

The ones who would not be becoming the members of the fraternity, I have a message for them.

"Don't treat yourself as if you have failed. Take it as a challenge and come up with more enthusiasm and a robust study plan; because..

Don't get disheartened. I too had failed in CA and I am happy today as I chose to reappear. Don't listen to people who say you can't do it. Prove them wrong by re-appearing and becoming a CA. It's your dream and you only have to toil to achieve it. Plan well, revise well and you'll be able to crack it.

I am sharing my 10 Quotes especially written for Chartered Accountants and Aspirants. Read these and feel the energy inside, then use it positively to fly high.. give it a try.

Cheers, God Bless.
Vikrmn (CA Vikram Verma)

  1. From the Balance sheet of humanity, to the Profit & Loss account of emotions, I am all in good books. I am a Chartered Accountant.
  2. Happiness is.. Starting your study with 3 principles of accounting, then your profession, with 3 principles of life.. CHALLENGE it, ACHIEVE it, Loop it. I am a Chartered Accountant.
  3. CA means Can-do Attitude. I may fail, but I would not give-up because I believe I can. I am a Chartered Accountant.
  4. CA means Chakra of Ambitions. I am a Chartered Accountant.
  5. CA means Charismatic Amalgamation of great experiences of life. I am a Chartered Accountant.
  6. CA means Challenge it, Achieve it, Loop it. I am a Chartered Accountant.
  7. Challenges Ahead? Huh! Who cares! I am a CA, Chartered Accountant.
  8. CA study course in India is not the toughest study course. It's for them who are the toughest, the determined ones. I am a Chartered Accountant.
  9. Someone asked, "Can Anybody?" A CA replied, "Yes, and I don't think I just can, I know I will. I am a Chartered Accountant."

    and last one especially for CA students..
  10. CA student is composition of a Compassionate, Cheerful, and Cool Aspirant. I will be a Chartered Accountant.
All the above quotes are also written in details in my latest self-help book "10 Golden Steps of Life".

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  1. All these quotes were copied from cakart.in

    Vikrmn.com be original

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    I am a CA and I wrote these quotes originally and published here on my website first. Moreover, I hold copyrights to them. Please check my book in which these are published titled as "10 Golden Steps of Life."

    I appreciate your concern but CAKart and other websites copied from my website.

    I have courage to publish your this comment on my website because I wanted to be fair with your question.

    Please do refer to my 2 novels also where a CA is the protagonist. Each novel contains 55 and 110 quotes which are created, written and published by me.

    These novels are "10 Alone" and "Guru with Guitar".

    If you want more of my quotes please google or search on FB as "Vikrmn".

    Stay Blessed
    Vikrmn: (CA Vikram Verma)

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