I found a 14 years old newspaper cutting, and it made me cry. @IndianExpress #FRIENDS ARE #FOREVER, Best Pals - Vikrmn - CA Vikram Verma - Chartered Accountant Author I found a 14 years old newspaper cutting, and it made me cry. @IndianExpress #FRIENDS ARE #FOREVER, Best Pals - Vikrmn - CA Vikram Verma - Chartered Accountant Author

I found a 14 years old newspaper cutting, and it made me cry. @IndianExpress #FRIENDS ARE #FOREVER, Best Pals

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I was searching an important document from a folder wherein all the laminated degrees and identity proofs are residing for ages. I was surprised to see a newspaper cutting dated back 13 July 2001. The date sounded familiar to me. 

"Phew! It is 13th today. 13 July 2015," I thought pulling that out from the transparent folio. 

"Friends are Forever," read the title. I unfolded that piece of paper. 

Smile spread as I saw a pic. It was a featured story in "The Indian Express," Chandigarh, "Simplicity" edition, under column "BEST PALS".

Gautam, my bestie, and I, were there in the pic. I quickly started reading the text, a set of questions and answers.

With every question my smile was widening and with every blink of the eye, the moments appeared slowing down, everything in slow motion. It seemed as if the time was about to pause; and it did.

Quick recap of 14 years flashed in front my eyes. I tried to read the last question from the newspaper, but couldn't. The rate at which my eyes were blinking was 10 times the speed of smile spreading on.

"Plip." At last, a drop fell off my eye and landed on the newspaper. I quickly wiped it off, "it" means newspaper, not the eye. 

It's been long we met. Life had changed a lot.

"Are we still best friends?" I thought, "No call, no texts, no Whatsapp. Only few likes on FB photos and texts."

PS. He is in Australia now. I sympethised myself thinking, "Huh! He is in Australia. How can we meet so frequently?"

I quickly grabbed my cell and called him up. Few tring trings and he picked up.

"Hello! Airtel customer care mein aapka swaagat hai." I quipped in a husky voice. (Welcome to Airtel customer care.)

A few background noises I heard, without any reply.

"He might be in office," I thought checking time. It was 3:08 PM, Sydney time.

I tried again, couple of times, but no answer. "Might be in a meeting," I re-consoled myself.

Being impatient, I tried last time and call didn't go through.

"Ghanta friend forever!" I murmured pushing the disconnect button on mobile harder. (For meaning of Ghanta above, plz Google;)

I went to his FB profile and fumed out few Helping Verbs  for not picking up the call.
"Kamine, Zinda hai? CEO ban gaya kya company ka? Phone uthane ka time nai hai tere pass." (Rascal! Alive? Too busy, like a CEO, to pick the call?)

I felt relieved scolding him. Then I thought, "Life has actually changed. 14 years is not a short time. But.."

".. we haven't; for friends never change. It's just TIME that changes. Friends are friends.. forever."

"Was this newspaper cutting I saw today, that was published same day 14 years ago is JUST BY CHANCE? It's not. Because I believe that universe gives you hints to do or not to do something. And you have to decode these HINTS and this one is loud enough."

I'll talk to him some time, today. BUT, finding this newspaper cutting actually reminded me something..

"Take some rest, from this race. Call up a few friends and re-cherish some old memories. Share with them, use helping verbs aloud and listen to theirs, because.."

With a sobbing smile..



"Friends and People are like clouds and trees that we see hustling past the window of a running train.

Trees are like PEOPLE.. all running.. in the opposite direction;

Clouds are like our FRIENDS.. like family.. our near and dear ones..

They remain with us; No matter how far and at what pace we run..

Thank you for reading this. Lemme call him up now, as he pinged back from FB and is waiting for my call.. because.. how can he miss talking to such a good friend ;).

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