#Signs that you are being #cheated by your #soulmate #Partner Husband Wife - Vikrmn - CA Vikram Verma - Chartered Accountant Author #Signs that you are being #cheated by your #soulmate #Partner Husband Wife - Vikrmn - CA Vikram Verma - Chartered Accountant Author

#Signs that you are being #cheated by your #soulmate #Partner Husband Wife

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At times you feel that some change is there in your partner's behaviour. You feel something but you are unable to decode what it is? How to talk about it with your partner? How to express that feeling or first to understand it even before sharing with him/her.

Check out few of the signs if you see them in your partner:
  • Behavioural:
    • S/he's less interested in you or your passions or matters.
    • S/he flirts with other people in front of you.
    • That strange way s/he looks at other people (opposite sex) when you both are out together.
    • If you are emotionally attached to him/her and she take benefit of doubt every time.
    • If you ask him/her you want to talk about her all changes (listed here in this article) then s/he refuses to talk and blame you.
    • When you ask whereabouts or what are you doing then s/he tells there is voice disturbance or repeats your questions, so as to get time to think for a quick reply.
    • When you talk to him/her about one or all of your concerns (listed here and below) then s/he has always a pre-decided on-the-spot ready-made answer. On the top of that s/he would hardly or never question the fact that why you are doubting on him/her. (Continued below..)
"Cheating a true lover would give you short-term pleasure but loss is yours; you would miss the world of awesomeness, being killed by your own guilt."
  • Schedules related:
    • S/he is not reachable for large gaps of time.
    • Her social calendar is suddenly bursting at the seams.
    • His/her spending changes at higher rates than usual.
  • Calls related:
    • S/he disconnects or doesn't pick your call more often when you try to reach him/her.
    • The excuses s/he gives for not picking the calls are same:
      • I was not near my mobile;
      • Mobile was on silent I didn't notice;
      • Mobile was on charging in another room, battery was dead.
    • She would answer your calls with dull words like "Hmm", "Yes", or a plain "Yup" that would make you feel as if there is no enthusiasm left in starting the conversations.
    • The call would get disconnected or muted by mistake or abruptly and there is no follow-up call unless you take the pain to call back.
    • You see him/her busy unusually with his/her phone.
    • S/he takes hours to respond to your calls or texts without explanation.
  • Friends related:
    • There is a long list of his/her new or unknown or online friends, especially opposite sex people.
    • S/he has never introduced you to his/her new friends or colleagues.
    • S/he is connecting with old friends more frequently.
    • S/he over indulges with your friends or besties.
  • Office related are:
    • S/he is too busy at office which is very recent and unusual.
    • You hardly know any of his/her colleagues.
    • Her recent change in office schedules (Going or coming back).
    • Change in the work pick-up or home drop with an opposite sex colleague.
  • Travel related:
    • S/he preferred few alone trips or an outing with so-called same sex friends.
    • S/he wants to go to new places or movies or markets, especially when you have busy office life.
  • Life Style related:
    • There is a sudden change in his/her lifestyle be it outfit or gadgets.
    • Suddenly out of blues s/he is hitting Gym.
  • Others:
    • There always a technical issues in his/her cell phone that deletes call logs or messages or app logins.
    • His/her FB messages are always doubtful / deleted.
All the signs stated above may individually or collectively applicable. Even after applicability, there is just a sing, not surety; so ensure before blaming someone.

Especially about "She" here is a detailed research by a website (Source):
15 Signs That She Is Cheating  

We explore the most common signs that can help you tell whether your woman is cheating on you.

1. She Stops Caring

Women are wired to care about the smallest details about their men and relationships. She cares how many times you call and whether you make time for her. She gets angry with you when you forget those important dates in your relationship and will make a big fuss about it. So when your lady stops caring that you didn’t call and when she doesn’t throw a fit that you forgot all your special dates, then you have cause to worry.

2. Change In Appearance

When you were dating, your woman went to great lengths to look amazing for you and consistently made your heart stop. But after dating for a while or after marriage it seems that she doesn’t care so much like before, which is normal. Has your woman started again dressing a little more special out of the blue? Does she suddenly seem to pay extra attention to her appearance while leaving to meet up her girls, more than when going out with you? She may be out to impress and catch the attentions of another man.

3. Sexier Underwear

When a woman is involved with someone new, she often will go out and purchase sexier bras and panties – because she feels sexier. There is a pleasure women get in being appreciated as a sexual being and will behave a little more sexier… maybe she’s leaving an extra button undone on her blouse or wearing her hair down instead of neatly tied up. Maybe she has changed her perfume (and that could go either way, stronger to cover the scent of his aftershave or lighter because he’s not fond of heavy fragrances). She may also change the way she wears make-up for similar reasons.

4. She Just Won’t Commit!

Most women want a man who is willing to commit to them for life. They will drop hints if not directly ask their boyfriend what his plans for their future are. So if your woman is being dodgy whenever you bring up the topic of the future of your relationship, it may be a sign that she’s cheating on you and has other options to explore.

5. No Interest Intimacy

In a relationship the couple builds on intimacy by having sex. If there is no more interest or urge to have sex with you, it is obvious there are chances of unfaithfulness. These are signs that she has already engaged in sex with her new found love.

6. Super Busy

Can you pop by for a visit and maybe take her out to lunch or dinner without making a formal arrangement? Is she open and welcoming to such a pleasant surprise from her man? Or does she rush you out and postpone your spontaneous gesture? Now, don’t sell yourself short. Make sure you test her on this when she should be able to go out with you. Think hard, is her schedule as open to you as it used to be? You’ll know your woman is cheating if she barely ever has time for you claiming a busy schedule. A woman in love will move aside a mountain just to spend time with her man. But if she is constantly making excuses why she can’t see you or dine with you, then she is dining someone else.

7. She will start having secret schedules

The moment your spouse becomes secretive in her schedules, it clearly shows that there is something she is hiding. She could hide here whereabouts and start having a lot of business trips that care unexplained. If you find yourself knowing less about her itinerary, there is reason to worry.

8. Increased Privacy

Is your wife or girlfriend less likely to let you look at her phone and does she keep it away from you? Perhaps, she is using the vibrate instead of the ring and even pressing the ignore option far more than she used to.  Is she giggling about messages that she doesn’t share with you?  Is she texting more than she ever did before? Is there an element of privacy she displays over her phone? There could even be a second phone if the other relationship is that significant. You can tell your woman is cheating on you if she insists on keeping her things private and doesn’t share as openly as she used to.

9. Avoiding the questions

If your wife or girlfriend starts avoiding simple questions that you ask her, there are high chances that she is hiding some truth. Avoiding questions is an obvious indication that she is looking for a lie. The woman may also act defensively if you persist with the questions.

10. Acting defensively 

If your woman is cheating on you she is afraid of getting caught; she will get defensive and anything you ask or say to her will be taken as an accusation. You can know she is cheating if she is defensive about how she spends her time, who she spends it with and when she refuses to answer simple questions.

11. Spending less time with your family or friends

If a woman begins to detach herself from the family, there are strong signs that she is cheating. There are also other women who will stop any close relationship with your friends for fear of showing off their guilt. The woman may be feeling guilty and being close to your family or friends is painful because symptoms of guilt may manifest.

12. Frequent nagging

Women who are seeing someone will tend to nag as they shift away from the normal harmonious communication. This is the time when a woman will lash out and pick arguments at the slightest provocation. It is considered as one of the ways of justifying her deeds so that the relationship can look like one that is not working.

13. Sudden strange friends

If your woman begins to have mysterious friends that are taking most of her time, there are high chances that she is cheating on you. It does not matter whether it is a friend or a workmate but as long as she is not willing to disclose more information, it is a direct telltale sign that she is cheating. As usual, it does not take a psychologist’s mind or an expert to know if a woman is cheating.

14. She is now independent

Being independent with you is one of the early signs that should tell you something is not right. The woman will want to share less time and sensitive information with you so that you do not discover her new ways. In some cases, she may start using “You and I” instead of  ”We” and this is a clear indication that you are no longer part of her future plans. These are actions that indicate the woman no longer needs you in her picture.

15. Carefully watch her eyes!

When you are in public, dining, at a bar any social function. Do you see her eyes darting about more than usual… is she scanning the room? If her attention to you seems less intense, it probably is. Even if her new partner is aware of you, she will always be “casing” the situation, always trying to be prepared for the unexpected encounter… Another sign to look for: You are sitting across the table from her and the topic of your feelings for one another comes up. Is she looking you straight in the eyes hanging on your every word – or is she looking down or past you or maybe her gaze is glossy and unfocused. Her sincerity towards you is in her eyes, especially when she utters the phrase “I love you.” If she is not looking you straight in the eye when she says that, there could be a problem.

These signs are a clear indication that your woman is cheating on you, or intends to do so. If there is no cheating, the same signs may be a suggestion that the relationship is not where it should be, but don’t get paranoid unless there is a combination of the above signs that make you feel like something is wrong.

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