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#NH10 #MovieReview #Anushka #Debut production #Navdeep

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I watched it and liked the way they made it, it's different, it's awesome. Full of surprises. I would give it 4 Star.
Here are few great points the movie grabs:
  • Chase sequence in Indian cinema by woman driving a car.
  • Real life instances where a person tries to be Hrithik Roshan and gets a slap in public.
  • A narration how Heros are made. The moment Meera (Anushkha) gets to know they killed Arjun she fights back.
  • Best one liner dialogues, "Karna tha kar diya."
  • Suspense at every scene, "What will happen now." 
Initial release: March 13, 2015 (India), Director: Navdeep Singh, Running time: 120 minutes, Music composed by: Palash Muchhal. 
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