Happiness is.. getting mails from the readers of your novel #10Alone - Vikrmn - CA Vikram Verma - Chartered Accountant Author Happiness is.. getting mails from the readers of your novel #10Alone - Vikrmn - CA Vikram Verma - Chartered Accountant Author

Happiness is.. getting mails from the readers of your novel #10Alone

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You get a mail, from an unknown person; a thanksgiving mail, words in appreciation of your work, a note telling you that your work is inspiring others. What else do you want?
I was happy to see the following mails sent to me for my debut novel "10 Alone".

First mail,

Subject: A huge thanks!!!

Dear Vikram,
It was a great pleasure with surprise to get your novel with your emotions,quotations and signature.I don't know you but I can guess by way of your writing and words you used that you must be a man full of emotions and love and respect for others.It's a first time that I have received such a copy.Initially,I couldn't understood when you wrote over the envelop that open with care as emotions inside.
After opening the envelop and book,I understood and believe me,I immediately took back the envelop containing book which I threw in the dust-bin just to preserve your words written on it for my future reference.
Starting from "Rajesh" instead of Rajeshji or so gave a personal touch.
Not taking much of your time,I'll revert back once I complete the book.

With kind regards,
CA.Rajesh Dutt Sharma


Second one,

Subject: Congratulations!!
Dear Mr Verma

Good day!

Congratulations!! for selected as featured member of the CA Club of India. I have heard about your book 10 alone on internet & also from my friends. Whenever I read about your book re-views and blogs I really attract to get & read your 10 alone story. I have failed many times to do so due to article-ship schedule & other personal issues. I really hoping that, I will learn so much for my life after reading your book and that will touch even to my life style. Keep sharing your experience that might be helpful to us. Definitely we are all the birds of same tree once in while will have to face what had been faced by seniors. It's very out of box idea to share your life experiences by publishing books.

Thanking you in anticipation.

with regards
Bhargav Nathwani.

Thanks to both the readers. Stay tuned for my next novel titled, "Guru with Guitar".

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