Gift kids corruption free nation. Happy Children's Day. - Vikrmn - CA Vikram Verma - Chartered Accountant Author Gift kids corruption free nation. Happy Children's Day. - Vikrmn - CA Vikram Verma - Chartered Accountant Author

Gift kids corruption free nation. Happy Children's Day.

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"To bring the change, Initiate it or.. follow the one who does it."
Dear friends

You might be shopping or ordering online something for your kids or niece, nephew or relatives' or others'.

If you want buy them something, if you want to gift them something, then..
"Gift the children corruption free nation. Happy Children's day."


The context is pretty simple. The first step towards curbing the corruption free nation is the one recently taken by the Government which is one of the greatest one in the history so far

Fight for corruption, though not similar, but likely, is a fight for Independence, the freedom from the corruption; so let's contribute peacefully to this initiative.

No doubt we'll face few problems, for few days, or say months; but remember, "This too shall pass." The time to come will be corruption free.

Just think of bigger problems we are facing at present like bridges falling on innocent people, paying bribes for jobs and education. Can you imagine where the future of next generation stands?

Standing in queues to get the currency notes exchanged is nothing in front of these problems. 

You have seen or been in the long queues for movie tickets of superstars or monuments etc. BUT.. what has it given to you? Just satisfaction or a selfie that you watched blah blah movie or historical place?

Now, the nation needs you, in present, to do something for future.

Gift the next generation not your cribbing or helplessness but a story that you'll proudly tell your grandchildren that you stood in long queues for hours holding them or the parents when they were kids and you fought for nation, corruption free one.

Remember, we are fighting, not only for ourselves but also securing the future of generations to come. 

I want to share my 5 quotes on the New Currency revolution and fight against corruption as follows:

1. Either cry for exchanging new currency notes for couple of days or crib for corruption for ages and generations with old ones. Choice is yours.
2. Anti-corruption policies are like cancer curing treatments. They affect good cells, say good people, in the short run; but make the life of a nation flourish in the long term.
3. If educated ones would behave like illiterates, how the nation would end corruption?
4. Professionals and good Samaritans, once be the gardener of the nation, would root up corruption.
5. Erosion of corruption is ambition of a nation. Sow the revolution or go for contribution; if not, opt corroboration.

Hope my quotes would send positive message to the country people.

Hopes may vanish, dreams never die.

Dreaming, striving and fighting; for corruption free India.

An Indian


Posted by Vikrmn: (CA Vikram Verma)
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