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Life lessons from excel shortcuts

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Shortcuts are awesome, especially related to spreadsheets (Excel). 
They save loads of time and prove that you are a pro at work.

Many people say, "Life has no shortcuts."

But when it comes to life I believe, "Life lessons have no shortcuts, but shortcuts have life lessons."

I use shortcuts a lot at work but once thought of connecting them to life.

There are a few, which if given a thought, would prove so meaningful.
And who knows these shortcuts would sit in your mind forever, if read this way.

Enjoy; here they are:

Create new horizons, 
do Ctrl+n; 
look for NEW opportunities.

Connect with people,
do Ctrl+k;

Connect with old friends,
do Ctrl+f;
FIND them, without criteria.

Standout from herd,
do Ctrl+u;
get UNDERLINED, get noticed.

Don’t hurt anyone,
because Ctrl+z doesn't work there;
not always possible to UNDO.

When required, be courageous,
do Ctrl+b;
be BOLD, take that stand.

Life doesn't offer backups every minute,
so do Ctrl+s in time;
and SAVE for hard times.

Scribble a note or letter,
do Ctrl+p;
and PRINT or write a surprise greeting.

Be creative,
don't always do Ctrl+c or Ctrl+v;

When you fight with loved ones,
do Alt>D>S;
and SORT it out.

When you have negative people in life,
do Alt>D>F>F or Ctrl+Shift+L;
and FILTER them out.

For annoying elements in life,
do Ctrl+x;
to CUT/shift them off to junk sheet, I mean sh*t, you know.

Appreciate yourself,
do Ctrl+i;
to ITALICISE yourself, pamper yourself.

Very Last; don’t always apply Excel rules to every moment of life.

Super last; don’t always listen to others’ so called rules of life, including mine.

Extreme last one, Be Thankful. ;)

You are welcome friends ;)
This was a gesture, not a life lesson.

(CA Vikram Verma)

Posted by Vikrmn: (CA Vikram Verma)
Author of "Guru with Guitar", "10 Golden Steps of Life" and "10 Alone".
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