#AncientHyderabad for authentic Hyderabadi cusines - Vikrmn - CA Vikram Verma - Chartered Accountant Author #AncientHyderabad for authentic Hyderabadi cusines - Vikrmn - CA Vikram Verma - Chartered Accountant Author

#AncientHyderabad for authentic Hyderabadi cusines

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"Have you tried Pathar ka Ghost?" asked my friend fiddling with Rubik's cube. "Oh! Nope," I asked rolling pen over paper, "By the way what's that?" "That's a Hyderabadi dish." "And where do we get that?" My hunger pangs started fluttering, "Especially in Pune.""Ancient Hyderabad." 
"Oh! Cool," I asked still rolling pen over paper, "And by the way what's that?" 
"Vikram! That's place for Authentic Hyderabadi Cusines. And I am hungry.""How far from here?" I started searching my bag pocket. "Hinjewadi chowk in XION mall or Hinjewadi Phase 2 near Quadron."I got up and raised the car key asking, "Coming?" 
"Now? Your Author Talk is due tomorrow and you haven't written the speech." 
"Good food makes you think good," I walked to wards the door. 
"Wait! Take me along! Wait!" and I heard someone chasing me. 
Two hours later at Ancient Hyderabad..
"Would you like to try Double ka meetha?" a gentleman asked us
"Oh! Nope," asked my friend rolling hand over his tummy.
I gave a grave look at my friend, then turned to the gentleman, "By the way what's that?" 
He replied smiling, "That's a Hyderabadi Sweet dish."
"Almost full," I smiled rolling my hand over tummy, "But chalega (get some)." 
On our way back home we counted the finger licking dishes we tried there and here is the list:
- Nawabi Chicken Kabab, 
- Rojali Kabab, 
- Pathar Ka Ghost, 
Double ka meetha. 
The Gentleman who chatted with us all long two hours was none other than the owner of "Ancient Hyderabad". He was so nice, so down to earth person with simple living and high thinking. I presented him my novel GuruWithGuitar and he was our guide to the wonderful tour of Ancient Hyderabad's authentic cuisines.
All I can say is Hyderabadi dishes are not only about Biryani, but sea of finger licking Cuisines.
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