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Punjabi Oats, lovely invention of a Punjabi Mom

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Punjabi Oats, as two things are evident from the name of this dish, it's an ironical combination but yes, it's an invented dish. Punjabis, especially from North India hardly eat oats and that makes it a very special invention of my Mom as anyone from any country would love this dish, with just a small tweak.

I selected this as it's one of the highly healthy morning meal and especially is a daily routine of my diet since a decade now.

There is amazing story behind the invention of this dish, Punjbi Oats. 10 years back when I went to Kuwait after clearing my CA, back in 2008. The day I landed in Kuwait, I started missing Punjabi food but to my woes, I never learnt cooking. One day, to satisfy the hunger pangs I tried to cook something but made a horrible potatoes that looked somewhere like coal. To motivate me, my Mom instructed me over phone to cook something and I followed her. Exactly after 10 minutes I was eating the tastiest Punjabi cuisine straight from heavenly blessings of my Mom.

On the following parameters, this dish fits aptly:
Simple - No much efforts are required to make it, just 10 minutes to cook.
Creative - One of the most creative, quickest, healthiest and highly customisable dish for veg and non-veg people.
Unique - It is a different one, as the name suggests.

To share a few more things about this dish:
Cultural: As named, Punjabi Oats, it shows the culture of Punjab with the spicy and buttery taste, though not equal to but rather not less than pranthas.

Inspiring: Since 10 years, many of my colleagues, friends and unknown people, Arabic friends to South Indian in Pune and Bangalore have also tasted and always asked the recipe to cook it.

Global spects of this dish:

- This dish is multicultural as I get opportunity inner fire to fly and explore cultures of various countries. Respecting people by adding "Ji" to their names in India and "San" in Japan is what keeps me rooted to my culture and also understand and respect cultures of other countries / regions as well, hence Punjabi Oats.

- Globally, this dish an empowering one that enables me to utilise the creativity in me to the utmost possible extent. As I gain the deeper experience in countries around the world, it makes me understand the true meaning of "Vaeudheva Kutumbakam" i.e. The world is one family and hence, I see a Global Dish, hence Punjabi Oats.

Recipe: It takes 10 minutes to cook this dish called "Punjabi Oats" as below:
  1. Take olive oil or Desi ghee or sunflower or refined oil in frying pan.] and heat up.
  2. Put half tea spoon Jeera, dry broken red chilli and one finely chopped Green chilli.
  3. Put Ginger and Garlic paste fry for a minute.
  4. Put chopped tomatoes, peas and corn and fry for a minute.
  5. Add half tea spoon of rock salt, turmeric, garam masala, dhaniya powder, ajwain, cinnamon powder, one cardamom, asafoetida, one clove and 5-10 drops of lime or vinegar and fry for one minute.
  6. Put a bowl full of water followed by oats, small chopped carrot, beetroot and chopped red / green capsicum.
  7. Optionally, put butter or egg or small salami pieces.
  8. Add tiny chopped pieces of paneer and Mushroom.
  9. Once it gets little thicker, it's cooked, pour in the bowl.
  10. Garnish with grated almonds, cashews, wall-nut, cheddar cheese and serve with smile. (Lemon or Mango pickle can be added for Punjabis.)
I am eating this from a decade now and at age of 35, I look like 27, somewhere thanks to this dish that kept me healthy and fit. I miss Mom today as she left for heavenly adobe last November (2019) but this is one of her best memory that would always stay with me and I want to share it to the world.

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